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Hi, there! I'm Megan! I decided to follow my dreams, and have now been photographing Kentuckiana residents since 2010.


After falling in love with newborn artistry photography, I have specified a concentration in this area. I have trained for years in order to be able to create timeless, creative art pieces for you and your family to enjoy. I take pride in not only creating memories for you, but also in creating a studio space that feels comfortable, safe, and welcoming to new (and seasoned!) mommas where everything is wipeable and washable, and all surfaces can be jumped on by your toddlers! Although my continued focus is mother and baby portraiture, my passion for all family life continues as I document your love and memories.

As a completely inclusive photographer, I welcome the LGBTQ+ community with open arms. The color of your skin, your body size, your gender, and/or sexual orientation does not define who you are, and it certainly will not hinder your opportunity to create magic with me.


A momma of three, and the wife of an amazingly supportive man, you will find me living life to it's fullest and helping support the emotional and physical well-being of those closest to me. When I am not behind a lens, I am most likely doing community outreach work, watering my plants, enjoying my coffee, laughing with my family, dreaming of the ocean, rearranging furniture, or watching true crime.

I am fully vaccinated against Pertussis, Influenza, and COVID-19 and I go to extreme measures to make sure my clients stay safe and healthy while we are together creating art. The health and safety of your family is always at the top of my priorities list.

photo courtesy of Megan's daughter, Katelynn Hile

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